8 Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process & Hire Faster

Fast, effective hiring is possible, but only if you use the right strategy. Fortunately, updating your hiring process to improve without sacrificing quality is possible. If you need to streamline your hiring, here are eight ways to go about it.

1. Update Your Job Descriptions

Having clear, concise job descriptions featuring keywords your target candidate will use makes a difference. It helps you attract right-fit candidates faster. Plus, it makes your job ads easier to review, increasing the odds that qualified job seekers will apply.

When you update your job descriptions, limit the required skills and experience list to capabilities candidates genuinely need on day one. If you’re willing to train in an area, shift it to the nice-to-have section instead. That prevents too many candidates from screening themselves out, leading to a deeper talent pool.

2. Present a Compelling Employer Value Proposition

While it may not seem like a compelling employer value proposition would impact hiring speed, it does. When you clearly outline what your company brings to the table, you’ll attract more top-tier applicants. That could let you access high-quality matches faster, leading to quicker results.

3. Get Ahead of Standard Screenings

During the hiring process, you’ll need to conduct screening activities like reference and background checks. Often, hiring managers wait until right before those tasks are handled to request information from candidates, an approach that causes unnecessary delays.

Instead, request references and send background check forms out immediately after phone screenings. That allows you to collect the details while the next interview round is being planned, ensuring you’ll have what you need when the time for those checks arrives.

4. Shorten Your Interview Process

Many companies conduct multi-round interviews. While there may be a reason for multiple interviews, each one adds to the total time-to-hire.

If you want to streamline, remove redundant interviews whenever possible. For example, instead of an interview with a hiring manager followed by one with a department head, use a hiring panel approach to combine those meetings into one. Similarly, you can cut a technical interview if you opt for a skills test instead, allowing you to collect the information far more quickly.

5. Prepare Interview Questions in Advance

Having a list of interview questions keeps you focused and prevents you from forgetting to broach an important topic. Plus, it ensures that every candidate gets asked the same thing, making it easier to compare applicants.

6. Standardize Candidate Evaluation

Along with preparing interview questions in advance, it’s wise to develop a scoring rubric. Not only does this standardize candidate evaluation, but it can also remove bias from the equation. You’ll hire faster and are more likely to choose the strongest applicant, leading to better overall results.

7. Standardize Reference Checks

Having standardized questions for reference checks is similarly helpful. Along with keeping the process fair, you won’t overlook a critical question, allowing you to assess candidates with greater ease.

8. Use a Staffing Agency

When you need to streamline your hiring process, few options are more effective than partnering with a staffing firm. You’ll get support from recruitment experts, making it easier to tap top talent. Plus, the recruiters can handle initial screenings, ensuring referred candidates are high-quality matches.

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