ConnectX Conference Recap

The ConnectX Conference this year was enlightening. Our team had a chance to learn about new advances, rising trends, and common challenges in the connectivity industry. With the latter, insights were also shared about how to overcome obstacles, giving companies operating in the sector critical information that can help them succeed this year and beyond.

Ultimately, far more information was shared (and learned) that can reasonably be covered in a single article. However, there are a few highlights that everyone in the industry should hear. With that in mind, here’s a quick ConnectX Conference recap touching on the most important details.

Shortages Are Creating Pressure

Nearly everyone business operating in the industry feels the pressure caused by shortages. Supply chain issues make it difficult to get critical supplies, components, or materials, pushing back projects and altering short- and long-term goals for many organizations. Couple that with a labor shortage, and it’s even harder to stay on target.

While the causes of the various shortages are multi-faceted and the impact varies between companies, the core message is that everyone’s feeling the pinch. With demand for connectivity rising, businesses need to recognize that these conditions may be present for some time, allowing them to alter course proactively whenever possible.

Fiber Is the Name of the Game

When it comes to demand, few areas are seeing the same cries for more fiber. The need for fiber resources is rising across the industry, and that’s likely to continue throughout 2022 and potentially well into the future.

With the demand for fiber rising and the challenges created by shortages, companies in the connectivity industry need to embrace strategic thinking and planning. Now isn’t the time to be lackadaisical in those areas, as preparation could be the difference between failure and success.

Building Out Wireless in Rural Markets

In rural markets, wireless is viewed as the answer to lacking connectivity options. In many cases, wireless is a far more practical solution than wired alternatives, particularly in areas where existing infrastructure is excoriatingly limited.

While networks are continuously expanding, the drive for growth in rural regions is reaching a fever pitch. That can create opportunities for companies in the industry, both when it comes to revenue growth and the ability to make a genuine difference to those who can’t access the services they need today.

Diversity Is a Focus in Hiring

Diversity has been a priority for many companies for years. However, it’s more critical today than ever before. Along with being a potential solution to labor shortages, diversity leads to higher productivity, stronger cultures, and greater innovation.

Many companies struggle with achieving their diversity goals. Fortunately, it’s a far easier target to hit with the right staffing partner.

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