Personality vs. Qualifications: What’s More Important in Candidates?

When you are trying to hire someone new, it can be hard to decide the most important trait to focus on during your search. Certain things can be trainable, but personality and cultural fit cannot be. Candidates still need a fundamental understanding of the job and industry at large to be successful in their role. So, what is more important?

Consider How the Person Will Fit Into the Company Culture

Technology is changing every day and with it, many industries are changing. Chances are, you need to retrain your staff anyway. Why not invest in training new talent that is a good cultural fit for your company? In some cases, these people are the best new hires because they identify with the core values of the organization.

Cultural fit is a huge deciding factor when you are looking for a new employee. Think about what personality traits are common amongst your best employees. Target these traits when you are sorting through candidate profiles. Then you can move on to deciding what skills are and are not trainable within your industry.

Many Skills are Trainable

Yes, it is true that most technical skills can be taught. If they have some knowledge or experience in the task at hand, they can be trained on the rest. You just need to be sure that they have some knowledge of the industry and at least an inclination towards the profession. For instance, you can’t hire a computer programmer with absolutely no skills or natural ability for programming.

Hiring is a Balancing Act

At the end of the day, hiring really is a balancing act. You have to pinpoint what is most important to the longevity of your business. If you want to build a team of employees who closely identify with your company’s values and goals, focusing on personality traits may be more important for your organization. However, the most success stems from companies with a good mix of passion and expertise on their teams.

Assessing Personality Traits During the Hiring Process

Many hiring managers try to assess a candidate’s personality during the interview stage. Unfortunately, a lot of good talent gets passed up when only an interview is used to get to know a potential candidate. During an interview, candidates are more likely to be nervous, anxious, and not themselves. Instead, consider implementing a personality test for incoming candidates. Assessments like this can allow employers to get a feel for how each applicant will fit into the organization as a whole.

Work With a Staffing Agency to Find New Talent

Determining whether personality or skills is more important to your company can be easier when you partner with a staffing agency. The recruiters at TekCom Resources can let you know how other employers in the industry are approaching hiring. They can also connect you with emerging talent in your industry that will help your company continue to grow and reach its goals. Contact us to learn more about our recruiting and placement services.

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