No, You Shouldn’t Accept a Counteroffer. Here’s Why

Counteroffers can be appealing to candidates. Often, they feel underappreciated in their current position. However, accepting a counteroffer isn’t always the best thing to do. After all, your employer should have noticed your talent and your value sooner. If you receive a counteroffer from your employer, think twice about accepting it. Here’s why.

Counteroffers Don’t Equate to Longevity

A lot of the time, employees who accept counteroffers still don’t wind up staying in their position very long. Most people feel they didn’t get what they wanted if they stay with their current employer. So, they wind up looking for work again soon anyway.

Some Employers Won’t Deliver

In the worst-case scenarios, employees have accepted counteroffers and never received what their employer promised. The employer will hear about a job offer, provide the employee with a counter, and then never deliver on the promotion, pay raise, or title change. This shows that the employer doesn’t value you enough to provide what was promised to you.

You May Get a Reputation

Some people choose to use offers from other employers to push the needle on a counteroffer. Even if the counteroffer is the goal, you want to do this infrequently. You don’t want to be known by employers in your industry as someone who is just about money. It can hurt your career in the long run. Some employers will refuse to interview candidates if they have a poor reputation.

Consider Your Career Development

Candidates should consider their overall career and development goals before accepting or denying a counteroffer. In some cases, accepting an offer can put you in a better position to expand your career. If the counteroffer includes a promotion and new responsibilities it could be beneficial for your resume. You have to determine if the counteroffer is more beneficial than a job switch would be though.

If your current employer values you and the promotion is taken seriously, it can lead to work in a more senior bracket in your next job. At the same time, if your employer doesn’t value you or you don’t intend on staying with the company anyway, you will end up leaving for a better fit. Don’t remain at a company where you will be unhappy just for a pay raise.

Be Professional

In the event that your employer extends a counteroffer, be professional. Take some time to consider the offer and let the other company know you are considering it. Try to make your decision as timely as possible. This ensures that no one feels like their time was wasted. Good communication will also help you build a positive reputation in the industry too.

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