How to Make Your Application Process Easier to Increase Applicants

The application process has a huge impact on your ability to get quality candidates. If your application is too long and drawn out, many applicants will drop out of the application before they are done. Similarly, if your application isn’t mobile-friendly, many people will skip applying altogether because most candidates perform their job search on a mobile device. Below are a few tips for employers to craft their applications to make it easier to fill out and help them attract more candidates.

Tweak Your Job Listings

Think about how you might be able to improve your job postings to get better quality candidates from the start. Maybe the language in your listing could use some work to make what you are looking for more clarity. You will also want to eliminate any biased language from the posting and ensure it is easy to pinpoint the next steps for the applicant. All of this will help you manage applicant expectations and give them a definite idea of what the position will entail.

Make It Easy

If the process takes too long or it is too difficult to understand, you will have many candidates who drop off in the middle of your application. In fact, if your application takes any longer than 10 minutes, 20% of candidates drop off. So, it is important to keep it short and simple. You should also strive to make sure your application is mobile-friendly as well. Many applicants are performing their job search from mobile devices.

Use Technology

Artificial intelligence technology has made it easier to screen incoming candidates. You can set up your AI to filter through candidates that meet specific criteria, such as skill set, education requirements, experience requirements, etc. The system then keeps track of candidate communication and their application status throughout your interactions with them.

Find Ways to Assess Your Candidates

With many people interviewing and working remotely, employers have needed to find new ways to assess their candidates. Many companies are using video technology to get a feel for a potential candidate’s personality. In some cases, employers have asked applicants to send in a quick video about themselves. Others set up a quick video call to get to know more about the applicant. Consider what will work best for your organization.

Have an Interview Structure

Your interviews need to have some sort of structure so that you can judge each candidate on the same criteria. Ask questions that will give you a good idea as to whether or not they will be a good fit for the company as a whole as well as the position. Have standard questions you’ll ask every applicant and a score sheet to help you compare them to others interviewing for the job.

Better Engage With Your Candidates

Consider how you can better engage with your candidates during the hiring process. Set up automatic communication with them to let them know where they are in the process. This will make it less likely that candidates will drop out.

Improve the Way You Source Candidates with TekCom Resources

There are a lot of ways you can source candidates for your company. You may consider posting to job boards, networking within your industry, or working social media to find your next employee. Some companies utilize employee referrals to find their next hire.

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