Ready for a Career Change? Enter the Telecom Industry with These 10 Transferrable Skills  

The telecom industry is booming right now, making it a great place to set your sights if you are looking for a career change. Even if you have never worked in the telecom industry before, there are a number of skills you may already have that can help you switch careers. Here are a few transferrable skills that someone outside of the telecom industry should possess in order to get their foot in the door.    

Problem-Solving Skills   

Problem-solving skills are transferable to just about any job in any industry. In the telecom world, you will be able to utilize your problem-solving skills to help identify issues when they arise and the best avenue to solve them. This may include internal problems, such as issues with technology or customer service complaints. Being able to showcase how you can solve problems is valuable to potential employers.    


Another great transferable skill to add to your list is leadership. No matter what position you are applying for, leadership skills are good to have. It goes beyond just supervising and managing other employees. Leadership skills display your ability to rise to the occasion and lead projects as well.    

Analytical Thinking  

In some ways, analytical thinking skills go hand-in-hand with problem-solving. Using analytical thinking, you can break problems down into smaller, more actionable tasks to get to a solution. For employers, this shows that you are able to approach issues in a logical way.   


Adaptability is another transferable skill employers value. You should be able to roll with the changes and adapt fairly quickly. In the telecom industry, technology and communication expectations may change regularly. Being able to adapt to these changes is key to success.  


The ability to collaborate with other people on your team is always a valuable skill employers look for in potential employees. At times, there may be larger goals your team is working towards. For instance, there may be a daily goal for sign-ups for your new system. You will have to work with the rest of your team to achieve that goal.   


Part of working with a team well is being able to communicate. You need to be able to communicate in a concise manner that leaves no room for misunderstanding. No matter what job you are applying to, communication skills are a must.   

Attention to Detail   

Paying attention to detail is another valuable characteristic employers often look for in the ideal candidate. This means that you will notice things they may not. You may discover problems in a project plan or system before they do. It allows your employer to rely on you to identify issues before they become a huge problem.  

Project Management    

Project management skills are great to have as well. You will be able to see projects and tasks from start to finish. Beyond that, you will also be able to visualize what needs to happen to make a project successful.  

Relationship Building  

Between departments and clients, relationship building is extremely important in the telecom industry. Good relationship-building skills will give you the ability to identify conflicts and help the two parties reach a solution. For example, suppose you are providing customer service to a client. In that case, you can establish a relationship with that individual in a short period of time and help them reach a solution to their issue in a timely manner as well.   

Computer Skills   

Last but certainly not least, any computer skills you have can be transferred to your new telecom career. Although you don’t have to be a technological genius, knowing your way around common systems and programs will help you land a position with a telecom company.   

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