Beat The Summer Slump: How To Keep Up Productivity  

Every industry experiences a summer slump. Employees are typically checked out, possibly focused on vacation or simply wanting to enjoy the warmer weather. Those who are parents are also dealing with their children being out of school, putting more pressure on their work-life balance. For employers, this often leads to a significant slump in productivity over the summer. Here are a few things managers can do to encourage their employees and keep up productivity during the summer months.   

Focus on Projects   

Give your employees projects that span over a few weeks’ time during the summer. You can schedule a few check-ins during this time to be sure project goals are on track. Focusing on bigger goals and projects will keep your staff engaged.   

Break Up Work   

It is easier to break up your projects and work into smaller, bite-sized tasks. This keeps your employees from getting bored with what they are doing because they get to shift their focus throughout the day.   

Give Your Employees the Tools They Need  

Project management tools and communication systems are necessary when it comes to maintaining productivity. Be sure your employees have the tools they need to succeed. For example, many companies use platforms like Slack to communicate and help manage projects. It also gives your staff a less formal way to communicate about their tasks and potential needs.   

Encourage Time Off   

Encourage your staff to take some time off during the summer. When they are able to take the time to unplug and relax, they may return and be more productive all around. Be sure your employees don’t have feelings of guilt around taking time off. Instead, actively encourage them to do so.   

Show Appreciation for Your Employees   

Look for fun ways to show your employees that you appreciate them during the summer months. Taking the time to plan an event, like a BBQ or luncheon, can help your staff feel like their efforts are truly appreciated and help keep them motivated in the workplace. Not to mention, these events are often a welcome break from their day-to-day work. When they return, they will be more focused and productive.   

Allow More Flexibility   

Another way you can beat the summer slump is by allowing more flexibility. You can offer your employees an altered schedule or even remote work options to help them achieve better work-life balance.   

Channel Distractions   

Sometimes discussions get distracted and off course. If you find that your project discussions are getting distracted, find a way to channel it into something productive. When you are feeling distracted, your team is likely feeling the same way. Use this time to brainstorm about the project at hand instead of focusing on specific tasks. This gives you the ability to use the distraction to your advantage.   

Get Help With Staffing   

Sometimes your staff just needs a break. Bringing in part-time or seasonal employees can help relieve some of your full-time staff so they can unplug and get some much-needed relaxation time.   

Contact Our Staffing Experts Today!

Working with a staffing agency like TekCom Resources, Inc. can help you find seasonal staff members to address the summer slump. We are tapped into the industry and can put you in touch with candidates who will fit your needs. Contact us to see how we can assist your organization and maintain productivity throughout the summer months.   


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