Can I Find Qualified Candidates on Social Media? 

As technology progresses, the way employers find and retain employees changes as well. Now more than ever, companies are using tools like social media to find top talent to add to their teams. In fact, 79% of job seekers use their social accounts to find job opportunities. Here are a few ways social media can help you find qualified candidates for roles you are looking to fill.  

Build Your Brand 

One of the key ways you can use social media to your advantage is through building a strong brand image on your page. Job seekers are doing more research than ever. Most of them read six or more reviews of your company before they apply or take an interview. You can use your social media platforms to share information about your values and company culture. Sharing this information will help you attract candidates that are a good fit for your organization.  

Get to Know Your Audience 

Social media may seem like a good way to broaden your reach, but you really want to keep who you engage with specific. You can use social media in a strategic way to identify your ideal candidates. Then, once you know who they are, you can use that information to launch targeted ads to get more engagement from people like them.  

Connect With More People 

Networking is a huge factor when it comes to landing the ideal candidate. The more people you connect with on social media, the larger your social network is. Even if you haven’t connected with the ideal candidate yet, someone you have been in touch with may know a person that fits the bill.  

Ask For Help From Followers  

When you are looking to fill a position or have a job opening, you can reach out for help from your followers. Ask them to share the job listing or tap into their network to share information about your company and the job. This helps you expand your reach beyond just the people that follow your pages and really helps you use your social media connections to their fullest potential.  

Strengthen Relationships  

That being said, you shouldn’t only share job information on your social media pages. You should share posts about your company culture, things going on in the industry as a whole, and posting on a regular basis. It is also a good idea to engage in two-way communication, meaning chatting with people in messages or in the comment section of your posts. You should also take the time to engage on other pages relevant to your target audience. All of this will help solidify your relationships online and make more of a footprint on social media.  

Start a Social Referral Program  

Consider extending a social referral program to your current staff. After all, these individuals already work for your company, so they have a good idea of what you are looking for in an employee. Additionally, people who receive a personal invitation to apply to a position are more likely to do so.  

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