How to Handle In-Person Client Meetings Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about the way people interact with each other. Now, a lot of employees are returning to work, and more meetings are happening in person. Below are a few tips to help you better navigate in-person meetings in a post-pandemic world. Benefits of Meeting In-Person vs. Virtual Meetings There are a… Read More »

How to Create A Diverse & Inclusive Company Culture

Diversity and inclusion are important to the success of any business. Both initiatives have been proven to help improve productivity and retention rates. Overall, employees are happier in a diverse, inclusive workspace. Here are a few tips to help leaders create a diverse and inclusive company culture. Educate the Leadership in Your Company The leaders… Read More »

Is the Traditional Interview A Thing of the Past?

Traditional interviews are slowly dying out as many companies are opting for virtual conversations with candidates, working interviews, or employing other hiring methods. Many people are saying traditional interviews are a thing of the past. In many ways, the traditional interview has failed candidates and employers. It doesn’t allow employers to truly assess applicants for… Read More »

10 Tips to Avoid Hiring Bias

Hiring bias is real, but oftentimes it is unconscious. Managers need to be aware of their own biases and bias that may exist in the company as a whole. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to avoid it. Here are some tips to help. 1. Define the Job in Your Listing When… Read More »