How to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

The process is often exciting when you first begin looking for a new job. However, as you continue submitting applications, attending interviews, and, at times, receiving rejections, remaining motivated often becomes increasingly challenging.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your motivation high. If you want to remain focused on finding a new job, here are some tips that can help.

Reflect on Your “Why”

One of the simplest ways to maintain motivation during a job search is to reflect on your “why.” Essentially, you want to remind yourself how a new position will help you achieve specific career goals. Doing so lets you focus on how landing a job moves you toward your target, which can make sticking with it easier.

If you haven’t associated your job search with a particular career goal, then start there. Consider why you’re after a new position and how securing one benefits you professionally. Then, jot down your “why,” allowing you to review it whenever you need a boost.

Remain Consistent

In many cases, professionals approach job searches a bit haphazardly. They peruse job listings whenever they have a moment and squeeze in applications as they come across opportunities that seem interesting. Follow-up potentially happens somewhat randomly, at times far later or earlier than is ideal.

Others may overdo it while looking for a job. They use every moment they can to dig into listings, update resumes, network, and more. In either case, issues like burnout or missed opportunities can arise.

Instead of simply jumping in with both feet, plan for some consistency. Create a schedule and time limits for various job search activities. For example, look for opportunities on Monday and Wednesday evenings for one hour each day, and use Tuesday and Thursday evenings for applications. Friday could become a networking and follow-up day, ensuring those activities take place regularly.

Track Your Activities

Disorganization can make a job search harder to manage. Since that’s the case, using a strategy to track your activities can lead to better results.

Create a simple spreadsheet with columns for company names, links to or copies of job announcements, the date you applied, and the listed closing date. You can also attach copies of the resumes and cover letters you submit, as well as list preferred follow-up dates in a column.

By using that process, you can easily find critical details quickly. For example, if you get invited in for an interview, you can immediately review the job listing associated with the opening and what you shared in your resume and cover letter, allowing you to focus the information you share when preparing interview answers. Plus, you can make sure you follow up at the right moment, which can lead to a better overall impression.

Partner with a Recruitment Agency

Working with a recruiter makes remaining motivated easier, as you get access to a job search ally who can assist with finding opportunities. Plus, your recruiter will offer guidance to ensure your resume and interview answers exceed hiring manager expectations, increasing your chances of landing an offer quickly.

If you’re ready for a career-boosting new job, TekCom wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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