Here’s Why You Should Consider Candidates Without a Degree  

All too often, employers get caught up in small details when it comes to finding qualified candidates. One of the most common things employers ask for that may not be necessary to perform well on the job is a college degree. Usually, experience and skills are much more useful than the candidate’s educational background. Here are some reasons why you should consider candidates without a degree.   

You Can Still Find Someone With the Right Skills   

Having a college degree doesn’t necessarily give you the experience and attitude you need to thrive in the industry. The most important thing for employers to focus on when it comes to hiring is whether or not the candidate has the skills needed for the job. While education can be helpful, a candidate’s hands-on experience tends to be more valuable. A degree with no internship or work experience won’t typically provide you with a good candidate.   

Soft Skills Have a Lot to Offer   

Not all of the skills each candidate has to offer are hard skills. Take the soft skills they have to offer into consideration as well. For instance, if they are a strong communicator, they may prove to be a better employee than someone that lacks communication skills. Other good soft skills to look for that don’t involve educational background include problem-solving skills, teamwork abilities, and conflict resolution.  

References Provide More Information   

You may not be able to check into their educational background, but you can still check up on their references. Even though they don’t have a degree, they will have had experience in the field, and references will be able to give you an idea of what their work ethic is like. Knowing what they are like to work with can be more valuable than a degree.   

You Limit Your Talent Pool  

By requiring a degree, you are vastly limiting your access to qualified candidates. When you place more focus on their experience and specific skill set, you will find that the number of candidates who apply will greatly expand. You will also get access to more applicants who have actively worked in your respective industry.  

Less Diversity and Inclusion 

When you strive to be more diverse in your hiring, your company can reap many benefits, including higher financial returns and increased productivity. However, requiring rigid qualifications such as a college degree will greatly limit your ability to be more diverse and inclusive in your hiring process. Not everyone has had the opportunity to seek higher education, but they may have still had experienced and accomplished a lot within their professional career. Eliminating the degree requirement from your job descriptions can help open your organization up to more diverse candidates and increase inclusion within the company as a whole.   

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