Diversity in Telecom: Empowering Teams, Empowering Progress


At TekCom, we’re not just in the business of staffing – we’re in the business of connection, collaboration and diversity.

We believe in honest and transparent recruiting. We take the time to understand the “why” for both candidates and clients, and we’re committed to creating meaningful connections that go beyond just filling positions. We want to know what drives you, what motivates you and what makes you unique.

We’re proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity in all its forms. We understand that diversity isn’t just about different backgrounds; it’s about different perspectives, different ideas and different ways of thinking.

Diversity is a hot topic in the telecom industry. It’s no secret that it’s a male dominated industry and needs more diversity. As the industry continues to evolve, it could really benefit from diverse ideas and fresh perspectives.

Our company culture is rooted in collaboration and embraces open discussions, continuous improvement and the belief that every voice matters. From brainstorming sessions to process enhancements, everyone’s ideas are welcomed, acknowledged and appreciated. We understand that it is the diversity of experience that propels us forward, and we are committed to creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

Our commitment to diversity is rooted in our J.E.D.I. principles: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

We believe that everyone should have equal access to opportunities and resources, and that a diverse workforce is a stronger and more innovative workforce. We support policies that foster employee growth and success without fear of discrimination, and we’re committed to creating a positive, inclusive culture for everyone.

We’re proud to be a Woman-Owned business and have a deployed workforce that is over 60% diverse. We are also proud of our company’s diverse perspectives and ideas that our team brings to the table.

We believe that diversity is not just a goal to achieve, but a journey to embark on.

Whether you’re a client, candidate or member of our own TekCom team, we want you to know that your opinion will always matter here.

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