Behind the Scenes of Building Teams: Telecom Recruiting

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when we’re on the hunt for the industry’s top talent?

Here’s a sneak peak of how we do it.

1. Elevate the Candidate Experience

At TekCom, we don’t just fill positions; we craft experiences. We prioritize the candidate experience, ensuring it’s as seamless, engaging and memorable as possible. From the initial phone call to the interview, onboarding, first day and even after you’re hired, our recruiters are there to guide you and offer helpful resources. Not only does our team offer helpful resources, we also offer job hunting advice and other tips on our social media and blog.

We don’t just focus on going through a checklist of skill sets, we understand the importance of company culture and your career aspirations. And guess what? We don’t vanish after you sign the dotted line. Our team stays connected, supporting your growth and success every step of the way.

2. Embrace Collaborative Culture

Welcome to a workplace where collaboration isn’t just a buzzword – it’s how we thrive. Our company culture embraces open discussions, continuous improvement and the belief that every voice matters. From brainstorming sessions to process enhancements, everyone’s ideas are not just welcomed but acknowledged, appreciated and integral to our shared success. At TekCom, we value the industry knowledge each team member brings to the table, recognizing that it is the diversity of experience that propels us forward.

3. Keep in Conversational, Witty & a Dash of Fun

Our approach to the entire recruiting process is all about making it enjoyable and, dare we say, a tad bit fun. We believe that authenticity and humor are important to embrace through the conversations we have with both candidates and clients. With our years of industry knowledge, it means we know our stuff, but we believe in having fun too.

The fiber broadband industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. When TekCom began back in 2005, the idea was to put some fun back into the telecom recruiting industry, move away from a purely transactional business model and add value to our clients, candidates and colleagues.

If you do the right thing, good things happen.

Of course we couldn’t be this good at building teams without our incredible team. Each individual brings their own, unique talents to the table. We acknowledge that our strength lies not just in the skills of each team member but in the synergy created when those skills seamlessly intertwine. It’s the collective brilliance, diverse perspectives and unwavering commitment that enable us to craft teams that exceed expectations.


As the telecom industry continues to expand at an unprecedented pace, ensuring you have a skilled and reliable workforce is more critical than ever! With our extensive network of qualified telecom infrastructure professionals and experienced recruiting team, we can help your company bridge the gap between talent demand and supply. Give us a call at 315-685-8900.

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