8 Tips to Make a Great Impression on Day One of a New Job

Starting a new job is exciting, but it’s also a pivotal moment. The first impression you make on your new managers and colleagues can shape your initial reputation, so putting your best foot forward is essential. Fortunately, making an outstanding impression isn’t as challenging as it seems.

Here are eight tips to get you started:

1. Look the Part

Before your first day, make sure you ask about any company dress codes. Then, select attire that, at a minimum, aligns with the requirements. Also, make sure that the rest of your appearance is suitably professional and tidy, and practice good hygiene.

2. Arrive Early

On your first day, you may need to use some extra time to navigate unfamiliar processes, such as figuring out where to park or going through security measures to gain entry. Plus, unexpected problems – like traffic jams – can slow down your arrival. As a result, it’s best to give yourself a time buffer and arrive early on your first day. Even if the process goes smoothly, it’s better to be early than late.

3. Prepare an Elevator Pitch

When you’re starting a new job, you’ll meet a slew of people over the course of your day, and that means a lot of introductions. Develop a quick elevator pitch that gives people insights into who you are as a professional and the role you’re filling. That streamlines these initial introductions and can make speaking to new people more comfortable, as you have a makeshift script to break the ice.

4. Make Eye Contact and Smile

Whether you’re getting introduced to a colleague or simply passing a coworker in the hall, make eye contact with them and smile. These simple gestures cause you to come across as friendly and approachable, which can go a long way when you’re trying to cement your initial reputation.

5. Say “Yes”

If you’re asked to join a project or if you’d like to learn something new, try to say “yes” whenever possible. By agreeing to take part, you’re demonstrating your enthusiasm for the new role. Plus, it positions you as a team player that wants to hop in with both feet and is willing to learn, which works in your favor.

6. Ask Questions

Asking questions allows you to gain critical clarity when it comes to your duties and how the workplace functions. Don’t assume that you’re being a bother when you request clarification. Often, people understand you’re familiarizing yourself with the job and environment, and they appreciate that you’re trying to learn, so it can actually make a good impression.

7. Listen

Even if you’re enthusiastic about making recommendations and showcasing your expertise, spend your initial days on the job focusing on listening. You want to get to know your workplace before you start touting changes, as various processes are often in place for a reason. Give yourself a chance to acclimate first, as that shows you respect what’s in place. Then, after you’re familiar, you can move forward with potential recommendations if they’re appropriate.

8. Say “Thank You”

During your first day, expressing your gratitude helps you make a strong impression. Thank your manager for the opportunity again, and show your appreciation to anyone who assists you as you gain your footing. It’s a simple but powerful gesture, and it can make a significant difference.

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