How Fiber Optics Has Transformed Businesses

Since its advent, fiber optics has been transforming the world of business. It’s the backbone of the current high-speed communications era, offering speed far above what was available through traditional options like copper cabling.

Plus, fiber optic cables can support stronger connectivity over greater distances, making communication at a broad scale quicker and more reliable. If you’re wondering exactly how these benefits have transformed business, here’s a closer look at the impact of fiber optics.

Supporting “Anywhere” Business

While remote work isn’t inherently anything new, the concept was revolutionized with the introduction of fiber optic cabling for networks. The available speeds greatly outperform those available through older cable types. As a result, people can work from nearly anywhere while getting the same connectivity experience as they would in the office when fiber optics are in place.

Since that’s the case, telecommuting long-term became increasingly viable. This allowed companies to rethink their traditional approaches to employee management, workspace requirements, and hiring. Searching for candidates outside of the immediate area became less daunting, as a new hire could remain in their current city and still connect. Similarly, it ensured work-from-home models could maintain productivity standards, reducing the need for costly office space.

Improved Communications

During the early days of video conferencing, the results were often lackluster. Issues with latency, freezing, and disconnections were common, making it difficult to carry on meaningful conversations or view presentations in real-time.

With fiber optics, the reduced ping rates and stronger connections reduced these issues dramatically. With higher service tiers, the conversation can flow as freely as it would if everyone were in the same physical room.

Plus, fiber optics can support higher-quality video. As a result, the picture can be near-crystal clear, which is a marked improvement over the grainier, stuttering images of years past.

Enhanced Security

Fiber optics can enhance security in a couple of ways. First, splicing into fiber optic cables is far more challenging than with copper. Additionally, intercepting data in transit is significantly more difficult, reducing business risks associated with data theft and leakage.

Second, fiber optics can make connecting to company resources securing when working outside of the office easier. This reduces the need to download sensitive data onto mobile devices, reducing the risks associated with device loss and theft. Similarly, professionals may not need to print as many sensitive files, instead connecting to company resources using secure channels to get the details they need.

Ultimately, fiber optics transformed the way the world does business, and new advances are likely on the horizon. As a result, the landscape may continue to change, giving companies more ways to take advantage of everything fiber optics has to offer.

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