Interview Prep: Video Interviews during COVID-19

Let’s face it, video interviews offer different challenges than in-person interviews. A little bit of prep can go a long way:

  1. Test the technology you are using
    – Many apps and platforms require sign-ins and downloads before use. Make sure to get familiar with the technology you are going to be using at least a day in advance to avoid any technical difficulties on the big day!
    – Be prepared for any issues that may arise such as poor bandwidth, power outage, computer crashing. Just in case, have the contact info for your Recruiter or HR contact on hand and maybe share your cell number with the manager at the start of the call in case they have to call you back for some reason.
  2. Set the right tone
    – Dress to impress. Wear professional attire–including below the waist (!) just in case for some reason or emergency you have to stand up during the interview.
    – Consider your background and the lighting during your interview. If possible don’t sit in front of a window and try and take the call in the most professional-looking, quiet and distraction-free area of your home. You could also set a “do not disturb” on your computer to ensure you aren’t getting notifications pinging through during your call.
  3. It’s OK to discuss COVID-19
    – There’s a reason that this interview is happening virtually and you are sitting at home as is the hiring manager. It’s OK to address that and the uniqueness of this situation we are in. You could ask how the company is reacting to the crisis and how that will impact the hiring/ on-boarding for this role.
  4. Be Concise
    – Even though this might be the format of your weekly happy hour or pub quiz with friends, remember this is a professional interview and try not to ramble or go off on a tangent. As much as possible read the body language of the interviewer and keep an eye on the clock. The manager has likely only carved out a specific amount of time for this call. Stay focused on the questions asked.
  5. Follow up
    – Don’t forget to send a thank you note/email and tailor it to your call – anything that particularly stuck out or was memorable information or something you are really excited about in the role/ company.

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