Hela and the TekCom Resources staff have been so amazing to work with! Unlike most staffing or temp agencies, I’ve worked with in the past, they checked in with me every step of the way through the interview, hiring, and job process to ensure any questions or concerns I had were addressed. Hela, especially has not only been very professional, but very personable and friendly, looking out for my best interests and making sure the job I was placed in was a suitable role. I highly recommend her and TekCom Resources to anyone looking for any aide in finding a new job!

Audrey B., Wireless Project Coordinator

You are certainly different from many recruiters, and Hela’s demeanor, tenacity and professionalism in keeping in touch with me for the past two weeks was incredibly refreshing and made me consider the opportunity you have to offer.

Tom B., Enterprise Telecom Sales

I appreciate you and your dedication to seeing it through for me with this position at your client. You have just been absolutely amazing to work with. I’ve enjoyed your wonderful personality, your high energy, and follow-through, on even the smallest of details. I look forward to working with you as we move forward.

Debbie H., Telecom Logistics Analyst

Sheri, I wanted to take a moment to say first thank you! I have been so impressed and thankful for you from our first conversation. You gave me the right tools and confidence when going in to meet with my new employer. I was lucky to have someone in which I felt was on my side in helping me look for the perfect position. From the beginning until now you are diligent, kind, and absolutely one of the best recruiters I have ever come to know and work with! Thank you again for everything you have done for me. I am super excited to be a part of TekCom Resources.

Kelly C., Construction Project Coordinator

Kirsten and Ian, The paperwork is all in! I just wanted to thank you both for everything you did. The two of you were amazing to work with and were a great team. You had me way over prepared which is a good thing. Plus, you were so helpful in guiding me through the process and how to interview for the client. Together you were so positive that I could tell you really were vested in me getting the job. I even said to myself “ugh if I don’t get this, I am letting them down!” I will be sure to let you know how the next couple weeks go. Thank you again so much and if there if you ever need a favor, please do not hesitate to ask!

Paul C., Site Acquisition Manager

I’d like to acknowledge the amazing experience I’ve had with TekCom Resources. You were able to provide me with guidance in order for me to find my dream job after relocating back to the area. I truly appreciate your knowledge of the client and of the process. It certainly helped me, and I am grateful for your expertise.

Todd W., DAS PM

Notice of Outstanding Support – I was recently recruited by TekCom Resources for a position as a Project Manager supporting your client in the San Diego market. I was recruited by Sheri N., who is a member of your TekCom Resources team. Prior to working with Sheri, I had been approached by 9 different recruiters from other firms who attempted to try to represent me. I was not impressed in the manner by which the other recruiters attempted to interact with me. I was, however, extremely impressed by the professional and highly energetic approach that Sheri N. used and her unique approach to working with me. Sheri, unlike other telecom recruiters, understands the Telcom infrastructure market and its working environment. The entire recruiting process utilized by Sheri was marked by a pattern of constant status updates and dialogue that lead to multiple interviews with your client, an offer and then contract execution. I want to extend my Thanks to you for allowing me the opportunity to work with Sheri N. who has clearly proven to be a highly professional recruiter. Your entire team at TekCom Resources to include Sheri and Kara R. has proven to be very professional. As a former United States Marine combat Veteran, I cannot tell you how much it means to me to able to work with a highly supportive and professional team. I am excited about my opportunity to work for your company.

Greg L., Project Manager, Telco Client

Kimberly and Kaycee are extremely diligent in getting back to me and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I never felt like I was dealing with a headhunter, but rather dealing with a friend and someone that was truly concerned about me and me and my family

Felix V., Fiber Construction Manager

My experience with TekCom Resources has been an extremely positive one. Their recruiting team is top-notch! TekCom Resources interviewed me to make sure they fully understood my skill set and career goals and to make sure which of their clients I was the best fit for both from a technical perspective as well as culturally. They kept me updated during the entire hiring process and I am certain that I ended up finding out about this position and getting placed in this role due to their efforts.

Tom H., Site Acquisition Specialist

TekCom Resources was wonderful to work with from the moment I was contacted about the available position right up through my first day at my new company. They were in continuous contact throughout the whole process; from thoroughly explaining the expectations of the available position, assisting in preparation for the interview, following up regarding the offer and making sure I had everything I needed to start on my first day. I genuinely appreciate all of TekCom’s assistance and guidance as I made this change in my career.

Trish N., Site Acquisition Specialist