How to Move Up in the Telecom Industry Without Much Experience

Many professionals want to find ways to advance their telecom careers. If you don’t have much industry experience, you might assume that your options are incredibly limited. In reality, there are several paths that can make you an attractive candidate for promotions or higher-level jobs with new employers. If you want to move up in the telecom industry and don’t have much experience, here are some helpful strategies.

Embrace Employer-Provided Training

One of the most straightforward options if you need to boost your capabilities to advance in the telecom industry is taking advantage of employer-provided training. Many companies have robust programs that allow them to upskill their workforce.

Explore available in-person and online courses available through eLearning platforms. See if your company will sponsor your conference attendance, too, as those are often exceptional learning opportunities.

Volunteer for Stretch Projects

Acquiring more on-the-job experience is another excellent option if you want to make yourself more promotable. While ensuring you exceed expectations when handling your core duties is a must, seizing opportunities to acquire more skills is also essential. As a result, volunteering for stretch projects is a smart move.

With stretch projects, you’re taking on duties that are a bit outside of your wheelhouse to spur additional growth. In many cases, they’ll take more time, energy, research, and focus since you have to enhance your capabilities as you progress through the assignment. Additionally, requesting guidance from more experienced colleagues or mentors could be essential. However, it’s often worth the extra effort, as you’ll finish the project with a stronger skill set, making it easier to advance.

Try Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning simply involves using resources at your disposal to advance your knowledge and skills outside of the workplace. Subscribing to industry publications to monitor current trends, researching relevant topics online, and similar steps are all potentially part of the equation. You can also explore instructional videos relating to your employer’s systems and solutions, giving you insights into how they function and how telecom professionals engage with them.

Essentially, you’ll work to expand your knowledge base in any way possible. While this means doing so during your off-time, it can enhance your skill set and give you a better understanding of the field, which could make moving up simpler.

Explore Formal Education and Certifications

In many cases, furthering your education or acquiring certifications on your own time is a relatively clear way to advance in the telecom industry. If you launched your career without a degree, getting a Bachelor’s could open many more doors. With a Master’s, you may have an easier time transitioning into management after you gain some direct experience. By getting a certification, you could qualify for more positions or stand out from the competition when you apply for any new telecom job.

With this approach, it’s wise to see if your employer has any tuition reimbursement or student loan assistance benefits. If so, you may be able to pursue a degree or certification or take career-relevant coursework without the financial burden.

Partner With TekCom Today!

Ultimately, all of the options above are excellent ways to move up in the telecom industry, even if you don’t have much experience currently. If you’d like to learn more or are seeking out new career-boosting telecom opportunities, TekCom wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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