LinkedIn: How to Best Use It for Your Success

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for boosting your career. It’s the quintessential social media platform for professionals, allowing you to showcase far more than you can fit on a resume. Plus, LinkedIn can serve as a job search platform, and you can use your profile to apply directly to specific opportunities.

However, if you’re going to get the most value from LinkedIn, you need to use it strategically. By optimizing your profile and posting and engaging in the right ways, you can increase your visibility, establish your expertise, and forge important professional connections.

If you want to use LinkedIn to spur career success, here are some best practices that are worth embracing.

Profile Optimization Best Practices

While you might not want to put a photo on your resume, having a recent, professional headshot on LinkedIn is crucial. Without a striking image that reflects well on you, you may have more trouble attracting attention from recruiters or developing a following.

When you create your headline, don’t limit yourself to your job title. Instead, provide insights that showcase your value, referencing skills or achievements to demonstrate what you bring to the table. Then, make use of your bio to tell your story, providing more background into what you do and your history.

When you create job entries, embrace bullet points to improve readability and highlight relevant achievements. Additionally, back up what you share by requesting recommendations from colleagues, clients, and managers, both past and current.

Make use of the skills section, ensuring your most relevant capabilities are prominently featured but also touching on others that highlight your value. You can also outline the services you offer if that’s appropriate for your field.

Posting and Engaging Best Practices

Engagement usually involves a combination of posting strategies and community involvement. Aim to post several times a week, remaining focused on topics that are pertinent to your field. You can also use relevant hashtags to increase the odds that your posts appear in relevant searches.

Asking questions at the end of your posts can encourage others to participate in conversations, leading to higher engagement that can boost your visibility. With this, you also want to respond to any comments, allowing you to create a discourse between you and people who come across your content, which can lead to new career-boosting connections.

Additionally, comment on posts in your feed to forge new connections. It’s particularly wise if the content is created by an influential person at companies you’re interested in, as it’s a chance to start building a relationship and increase familiarity.

Finally, make sure to share content that’s relevant to your career or valuable to any followers. By doing so, you show that you are active in the broader community, which can work in your favor.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is a valuable tool when properly wielded. By using the best practices above, you can make the most of the platform, allowing you to achieve more in your career.

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