The Importance of Communication & Customer Service in Staffing

Candidates are often left in limbo throughout the hiring process, wondering where they stand. This can be discouraging for some applicants and may even lead to a loss of interest in others. When it comes to staffing, communication and customer service are extremely important. Here is why.

Expectations are Clear

Good communication means all of your expectations are clear. Your company has a clear idea of what makes a good employee. When you communicate your vision and goals clearly, the expectations are set from the start. This ensures that the candidates you hire are a good fit.

Beyond that, you can communicate different stages of the hiring process. So, if you are fielding other candidates, let them know that. Similarly, if there is a timeframe you are considering to fill the job, let them know. Given this information, they will know exactly what to expect and no one will be disappointed as a result of the interaction.

More Dedicated Candidates and Employees

Open communication will lead to more engaged employees. When you are open with your communication from the recruiting stage through onboarding and during the employee’s tenure, they will be more engaged. This is because they will feel more valued and feel as though their experience matters. Even after they have been placed in a good job, they will continue to maintain the relationship with their recruiter.

Ensure Transparency

It is good to be transparent during the hiring process. This helps manage the candidate’s expectations and the expectations of the employer. When you are transparent, the clients and candidates you are working with are more likely to voice questions or concerns when they come up. They are also more likely to trust the decisions you make because you have been clear about communicating what’s going on.

Remain Organized

Maintaining good communication will help you stay organized throughout the hiring process. When they have completed one step of the recruiting or hiring process, let them know it has been received and move them on to the next stage. Communicating clearly will help you stay organized and know exactly where the candidate stands in the process. At the same time, you will be relaying the same information to them. No one will question where they stand. This greatly improves the candidate experience and, in the long run, your reputation.

Provide Feedback

In general, maintaining open communication allows more room for feedback to be provided. You can provide candidates with feedback about what they need to improve on and their chances of being hired. You can also relay feedback from employers. At the same time, candidates can provide their recruiter with feedback about the process. This type of communication helps everyone improve their processes.

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