Don’t Want to Go Back to the Office? Here’s How to Talk to Your Boss About a Hybrid Schedule

Many employers are asking their workers to return to the office now that COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. However, many employees aren’t interested in returning, not full-time anyway. This has led to an increase in remote and hybrid work schedules for workers in the United States. If you want to avoid returning to the office, here is how to approach your boss about a hybrid work schedule.

Be Realistic About Your Role and Remote Capability

Before you get ahead of yourself, take the time to think about your role and be realistic. Not every job can be worked from a remote location. Can your job be performed at home or in a remote workspace? Are you as productive in your remote space as you are in the office? If the answer is no to either of those, you may not want to approach your boss about working remotely full-time.

If there are potential obstacles that have already been identified, explain how you plan to address them. Consider how effective you are in your role from a remote position and be realistic about your request. That being said, if you determine that you can productively perform your job from a remote location, there are some things you should include in your discussion with your boss.

Highlight the Potential Benefits

First, highlight the potential benefits of you working a remote or hybrid schedule. For example, many employees found that they were more productive in a remote workspace. Providing your boss with hard evidence of these benefits is a good idea. So, point to the quality of your work while you were working remotely.

Provide an Outline for the Structure of Your Days

Much of the concern about allowing employees to work remote jobs is that there is a lack of structure to their day, decreasing the amount of stuff that gets done. Clarify which days you would like to work remotely and the days you will be present in the office. This way, they can schedule in-person tasks and activities for those days.

Explain How You Can Be Contacted

Another common worry among employers whose employees want to transition to remote or hybrid work is they won’t maintain communication. Detail exactly how you can be contacted and during what hours. Having this information on hand will make them feel better about you working from home or an otherwise remote location.

Suggest a Trial Period for Your New Schedule

It’s normal for your employer to be hesitant about transitioning into a remote/hybrid schedule. Suggest trying out your proposed schedule for a month or so to see how things go. A trial period makes it easier for you to show them the benefits of the new schedule and gets them accustomed to the idea.

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