5 Ways to Adjust Back to Life in the Office

Many people are returning to the workplace as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Adjusting back to the traditional workspace has been challenging for some. Expectations have shifted, work culture changed, and your priorities may have altered too. To make the adjustment back to office life easier, use these tips.

1. Be Realistic With Your Expectations

Going back to work is going to be draining. You need to be intentional with your time and energy. This means focusing your time and energy on people, projects, and activities you want to be more connected with. Consider whether or not there are any things you have invested time into that you might want to leave behind or continue to work on.

The return to work will also require you to be realistic with your expectations. The workplace isn’t going to look like it did before the pandemic. There is a lot less one-on-one interaction. Companies will also determine different ways to address vaccines and the pandemic. Be ready to adapt to whatever comes your way and manage your expectations.

2. Get Into a New Routine

Adjusting to life back in the office is going to take time. Set a new routine for yourself and try to get in the groove of things again. Many workers around the world got used to getting stuff together in the moments before a Zoom meeting. A regular morning routine may seem crazy now, but it can help you ease back into the office. Wake up early, eat a good breakfast, give yourself time to shower, and get ready. This will set you up for success every day and make it easier to get back into the office.

3. Set Boundaries

When you are returning to work, make sure you set clear boundaries. In a lot of ways, working from home can blur the boundaries between your work life and home life. Don’t bring work home, and make sure you have time set aside for yourself. Avoid communicating outside of established office hours. If you feel returning to the office is hindering your productivity, talk to your manager. A hybrid or remote work model may work better for you. Some employers will work with you to adjust your work settings and hours to meet your needs.

4. Have Compassion for Your Coworkers

Remember, all of your coworkers have been through the pandemic too. Many of them were displaced from their jobs or had their offices turned upside down as well. Be compassionate for the people you work with. Be patient and understanding while everyone is readjusting to life back on the job site.

5. Pay Attention to Your Mental Health

It is normal to have some anxiety about returning to work, especially if it has been months or even more than a year since you’ve been back. Take time to think about what you’ll need to do to maintain your mental health. Talk to your coworkers and create a community for yourself in the office. This will help you feel more support in your return.

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