How to Handle In-Person Client Meetings Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about the way people interact with each other. Now, a lot of employees are returning to work, and more meetings are happening in person. Below are a few tips to help you better navigate in-person meetings in a post-pandemic world.

Benefits of Meeting In-Person vs. Virtual Meetings

There are a number of benefits to meeting in person again. In-person discussions can allow people to read each other’s body language. This can help you develop trust and gauge interest in some cases. Meeting in person can also help you tell if a client is a really good fit for your business or not.

At the same time, there are some benefits to holding virtual meetings too. No one has to travel into the office to get the information they need to move forward on a project or contract. Instead, all of the important information can be covered on a virtual call. As your relationship with a client matures, you can adjust meeting times, frequency, and flexibility.

Have the Capability for Hybrid Meetings

All of that being said, hybrid meetings are becoming more common. It allows you to recognize the benefits of both in-person and virtual meetings at the same time. Everyone is able to make the meeting, no matter what their location is. You will need to track information from hybrid meetings more closely though, and provide notes. Hybrid settings can make it more difficult to track progress.

Be Ready to Make Adjustments

If the pandemic taught us anything it is that you need to be flexible. Be ready and willing to make adjustments to your meeting times and locations. The best thing you can do for your clients is to cater to their specific needs.

Have video conferencing ready and available to use if you need it. You should also have a set process on how you record meeting notes, progress tracking, and other information covered during your discussion. Send out a recap email to everyone at the meeting so they can follow up on projects, tasks, questions, etc. From there, you simply need to set meeting locations, times, and expectations based on your client’s needs.

Focus on Efficiency

It is important to focus on holding meetings where everyone can efficiently communicate. If you find that virtual meetings cause the information to fall through the cracks, try to schedule in-person conversations more often. Similarly, if virtual meetings have proven to be better for communication, schedule virtual calls. Determine what works best for your company as well as your clients. Some organizations have struggled in the virtual workspace. Others have thrived. Focus on what works best for you and what is the most efficient.

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