Here’s Why Women Are The Future of Telecommunications & Network Infrastructure

March is Women’s History Month, and when it comes to the telecommunications industry, women are leading the way. They play a huge role in network infrastructure and will undoubtedly play a significant part in the future of the industry at large.

Telecommunications Has Been Traditionally Male-Dominated

Traditionally speaking, the telecommunications industry has been male-dominated. For a long time, the more technical side of the industry was considered to be “man’s work.” However, there are a plethora of opportunities in telecom for both men and women. Over the years, there have been more and more female telecom leaders. In fact, some companies are making a shift to be more inclusive and hire more women to be among their ranks.

Technology is Exploding, and so are the Opportunities

Technology is changing every single day. There are new developments happening constantly. Because of this, jobs in the telecom industry are exploding. The number of opportunities available for both men and women is virtually neverending. Women are eager to continue learning about new developments as they are introduced. This gives them a competitive advantage over other people in the field.

Bring Fresh Ideas to the Table

Women offer a lot to the telecom industry but the biggest asset they bring is innovation. In telecom and tech-heavy industries, fresh ideas can be worth millions, even billions, of dollars. Women are able to step in and provide fresh insight that men who traditionally work those jobs have not been able to. They are leading the way with new ideas and technology that will change the future of the telecom industry.

Diversity and Inclusion are Important

Companies are focusing more on diversity and inclusion, which means hiring more women and minorities. Many of these diversity and inclusion policies are fairly new, so women are still making their way into the telecom industry. Thankfully, companies have realized that a more diverse and inclusive work environment supports productivity and innovation.

Mentorship is Important in Telecom

When it comes to excelling in a telecommunications career, women need to have a mentor. Some of the top female leaders in the industry thank their mentors for the level of success they’ve seen in their careers. Having a mentor can help teach you some of the inner workings of the industry. Much of the time, they have previous knowledge about the company or the industry at large that will help you in your career. Beyond that, they are a friend and resource throughout your entire career in telecom.

Networking is also important to women working in the telecom industry. In addition to finding a few good mentors, it is crucial to construct a strong professional network. Connect with other women (and men) doing big things in the industry.

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There are seemingly endless career opportunities for women in the telecommunications industry. They are making a huge difference in the tech world every day. So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about the jobs available to you when you work with TekCom Resources.

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