8 Tips for Passive Job Seekers

You may never imagine yourself leaving your current position, but it is good to be prepared. Sometimes, your company may change terms of employment, or you may desire some kind of change in your career. Whatever the case may be, engaging in a passive job search can help your career.

1. Be Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource during a passive job search. Your profile is essentially an online version of your portfolio and resume. Take the time to proofread everything that is shared on your LinkedIn profile. After you’ve taken a close look at it, connect with everyone you know that is in a position to help you. You can also join LinkedIn groups, which can be a great resource for networking contacts.

2. Write Recommendations

When you offer a recommendation for a colleague on LinkedIn, they’re more likely to return the favor. This will help you strengthen your online profile. Once you have a few recommendations of your own, you can choose which to highlight on your profile.

3. Use Social Networking

Social media is a must these days. Your passive job search shouldn’t stop on LinkedIn. Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram can be great tools during your hunt for work too. The stronger your social presence is, the more likely you’ll be found by a social recruiter.

4. Create a Network and Stay Connected

Beyond social networking, create a professional network of people you trust and respect. Listen for information about networking events in your industry and try to fit them into your schedule. Have business cards printed or a good way of following up with the people you meet. Connect with them on LinkedIn or shoot them an email. Then, be sure to stay in touch. If you are engaged and maintain contact, your connections will be more likely to help when you need it.

5. Research Companies in the Industry

Take the time to look into companies in the industry you’re interested in. Make a list of companies you think you’d like to work for and check their websites. Check out the latest news about the organization and see if they have any open positions listed. You can also set up alerts to notify you any time that company posts an open job.

6. Look at Job Listings

Speaking of job postings, you should be looking at those on a regular basis. Sign up for notifications about certain keywords on job sites like Indeed. Run a quick search once or twice a week based on your skills and experience. This will give you a good idea of what’s available out there.

7. Update Your Resume

Keep your hiring materials updated at all times. This way, any time you are contacted about a possible interview or open position, you will have everything you need to move forward right away. You should also have a draft cover letter ready to go that you can customize for different applications.

8. Review Your Approach

After you’ve been engaged in a passive job search for a while, you may want to review your approach and assess what’s working. Is your network growing? Have you gotten a good sense of what jobs are available in the industry and what you might be a good fit for? Would you be ready for an interview tomorrow if an employer extended an invitation?

Learn How We Can Help You

Working with a staffing agency like TekCom Resources can be a great way to engage in a passive job search. Our recruiters can keep your hiring materials, along with your job preferences on file. When a job that meets your skills and expertise arises, we will reach out about the opportunity. Learn more about the opportunities available when you work with us.

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