Is the Traditional Interview A Thing of the Past?

Traditional interviews are slowly dying out as many companies are opting for virtual conversations with candidates, working interviews, or employing other hiring methods. Many people are saying traditional interviews are a thing of the past. In many ways, the traditional interview has failed candidates and employers. It doesn’t allow employers to truly assess applicants for soft skills or weaknesses. Instead, companies are using some of the techniques listed below to interview candidates.

Soft Skills Assessment

Some employers have started using soft skills assessments in lieu of the traditional interview. Surveys and questionnaires can help them answer questions that measure a candidate’s soft skills. Much of the time, these skills are what are most necessary to be successful in the position, such as effective communication and teamwork. These assessments can also pinpoint where an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Working Interview

Working interviews, or job auditions, have also become a popular way of choosing a new employee. For this type of interview, the candidate would be given a set of data to work with or a real-life problem to solve. The employer then assesses the person’s approach and problem-solving skills. In some cases, you may even have them come into the office for the day to see how they perform.

Casual Meeting

Setting up a time to meet at a casual spot can be a good way to get to know a candidate too. Meeting at a coffee shop or in a more casual setting can make the candidate feel more at ease. This also means the applicant’s answers and conversation are less likely to be rehearsed. You’ll get more honest responses and a better idea of whether they would fit into your company’s culture or not.

VR Assessment

Virtual reality assessments can be helpful in choosing a quality candidate as well. These types of assessments allow employers to put the candidate into the work setting and see how they react. Instead of asking traditional interview questions, the interviewer can get an idea of the candidate’s key skills and address any potential weaknesses.

Virtual Video Interview

Many companies are using video interviews these days. Before taking the time to meet a candidate in-person, a video interview can be used to get to know them. After reviewing their responses, you can decide whether or not you want to move forward with the candidate. The applicant will spend about 20 minutes recording their answers to various interview questions. Once they are submitted, your recruitment team can watch them and compare each candidate side by side. Then you can select which applicants are the most appealing and who you want to take further into the hiring process.

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