What’s Next in 5G? Here’s What We Know

5G technology has the ability to change the world as we know it. The technology leads investment decisions, changes companies, and sparks new inventions. In the telecommunications industry, it is making huge waves. Here is what you can expect in 2022 and in the upcoming years.


Qualcomm is easily the driving force behind 5G technology. The company has had a hand in developing, launching, and expanding 5G. It has announced that it will be rolling out new 5G tech in 2022, which is discussed below. Industries that will be impacted by 5G tech will have their eyes on Qualcomm to see what direction technology is headed. They will also be the source of the latest products and support for anyone working with 5G networks. In the telecom industry, staying up to date on these products, systems, and changes is key to the success of your business.

5G Rollouts

Soon, 5G networks may be available everywhere. Singapore recently rolled out 5G to one of the area’s largest malls. This is just a small step to making the network available throughout the entire city. Because the technology is advancing at a rapid pace, it is possible that people will start to see 5G rollouts around the world over the next few years.

New Systems for Support

With the introduction of 5G, more systems and tools will be used for support. Snapdragon has created a modem system that will support the fastest 5G networks available. This is the company’s first step towards supporting 5G solutions. It offers fiber-like performance for wireless connections. Snapdragon’s X65 is also able to make adjustments to maximize the network’s flexibility, coverage, and capacity. Knowing how this new support technology works and how to service it will be important.

Next-Gen 5G Front End Solutions

Because systems like Snapdragon will be more advanced, front-end solutions will need to be updated. Next-generation 5G front-end solutions will help support advanced performance when working on 5G networks. These solutions will take the front-end components and bring them together with artificial intelligence to design 5G devices. Eventually, 5G devices will become the new norm, and 4G will be phased out. As these changes are made, it is important to invest in training your staff on the new systems and tech.

Fixed Wireless Access Platforms

Fixed wireless access platforms will allow businesses to provide broadband services for consumers through their own network infrastructure. This means that 5G will become more widely available. It will also make it easier for new companies to become service providers. Again, the more available 5G becomes, the more important it will become to running your business.

We Can Help You Prepare

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