Filling Out an Online Job Application? Here’s How to Make It Stand Out

Online job applications can be time-consuming, especially if you are filling out multiple at once. You’ve probably heard that you should cater your resume and cover letter to each job you apply to, follow up, and be thorough. How do you truly stand out among the other online applicants? Here are a few tips for job seekers that will help.

Read the Description

It is important to thoroughly read the job description before you move forward with applying to a job online. Applications can sometimes include assessments, which can take time. You don’t want to take 30 to 40 minutes out of your day to perform an assessment for a job you don’t have the necessary experience to fill.

Consider what you are looking for in an employer as you read the description as well. If they consider themselves to be a fast-paced workplace and you enjoy a more laidback environment, move on to the next listing.

Use Keywords

Identify keywords being used to find candidates and use them in your resume. For example, if the employer is using the words Administrative Assistant to find applicants, you will want to be sure your resume includes that key phrase. Your resume should also highlight how each of your professional accomplishments addresses one of the employer’s specific needs.

Create an Original Cover Letter

Companies don’t always require a cover letter to apply. If they do, you should create an original cover letter specific to their organization and the position in question. In the letter, describe specific experiences and accomplishments that lend you the skills necessary to get the job done. Don’t send out anything generic. The cover letter is often the first glimpse of your personality, skills, and accomplishments the hiring manager receives.


Before you send anything out, proofread it. Be sure your emails don’t contain any spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure all of the attachments you have included are appropriate and that you have attached everything required to apply. Go back over your cover letter and resume to ensure everything is spelled correctly and formatted properly. Do the same with any samples or reference sheets you are asked to send as well.

Update Social Profiles

At the beginning of your job search, do a deep scrub of your social media profiles. For professional profiles, such as LinkedIn, update your information to reflect recent accomplishments or job changes. Other social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter, should be reviewed for inappropriate content. Delete any poor posts and switch your nonprofessional profiles over to private.

Review Everything

The biggest tip to making your application stand out is to review everything before it is sent. Many candidates accidentally leave out certain steps or requirements. Others misspell something in their email or have an error on their resume. Checking through all of your hiring materials can put you ahead of the game.

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