Want to be an OSP Construction Manager? Here’s What Employers Are Looking For

Seeking work as an OSP construction manager can lead to exciting career opportunities. However, companies are looking for very specific skills when it comes to filling open manager positions. If you want to be an OSP construction manager, here is what employers and recruiters are looking for.


No matter who you work for, construction managers are expected to provide detailed reports. OSP construction managers are typically required to provide reports on ongoing projects. This includes scheduling, customer-facing, and vendor management. They are also expected to maintain reporting throughout the length of the project and ensure any project deadlines that exist are met. To provide proper reporting, you will need to have experience in using tools like Google Suite and Microsoft Office.

Telecommunications Experience

Generally, employers also prefer candidates that have telecommunications experience. Some positions will require backhaul, fiber, or cable fiber deployment experience as well. You may also need to be familiar with common procedures such as Rules for Overhead Electric Line Construction or Public Right of Way. Either way, you will need some telecom background to work as an OSP construction manager. If you don’t already have experience, you can look for entry-level positions in the industry to get your foot in the door and determine a career path to achieving your management goal.

Knowledge of Permitting

OSP construction managers also need to have knowledge of state and local permitting needed to work. It is also good to have an understanding of pole and conduit procedures from utilities in the area. To be considered for most positions, you will need to have had experience in dealing with permits directly. If you don’t have experience getting permits, be ready to display your knowledge of local and state regulations. The employer will want to know you have a grasp on what is required by law.

Understanding of Rates

On top of that, employers also want to know that you have a good understanding of the going rate for construction work. Beyond that, you should be working to ensure the client is getting the best rate possible for quality work. In fact, as an OSP construction manager, you should be able to act as an expert on rates for the industry. This will help them rest assured that they are getting a quality candidate with knowledge about the industry who will ensure their team is always compensated fairly.

Conflict Resolution

Last, but certainly not least, managers must have conflict resolution skills. Problems may arise on-site that need immediate attention. You should be able to make a decision to reduce the impact of any issues that come up. As the OSP construction manager, you should be able to make recommendations to resolve the issue that has minimal effect on the project deadline and budget overall. Have specific stories about when you have solved problems in the workplace to discuss when meeting with the employer.

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