6 Skills to Look for in Your Next Site Acquisition Specialist

Choosing your next site acquisition specialist is no easy task. After all, they play a major role in your organization and can cost you a bit of money if you make a mistake. When you decide to hire your next site acquisition specialist, look for these six important skills.

1. Communication Skills

Site acquisition specialists will have to communicate with various other people on the job. For example, they will need to collaborate with engineers and site managers to set up site visits. To do this, they need to have effective communication skills. As an employer, look to their answers during interviews and past experience to tell you more about their interpersonal skills.

2. Research and Writing

Ideal candidates for this position will also have stellar research and writing capabilities. Acquisition specialists often have to create presentations to boards in order to get permission to build or work. So, they will need to be able to perform in-depth research to provide facts and the ability to communicate them in a written manner. To determine whether or not a candidate has these skills, ask them to describe a time where they had to research a site and provide a write-up or describe how research has helped them on the job.

3. Auditing

Acquisition specialists also need to have experience providing audits. This is because it will keep you prepared in the event an audit occurs. Because you have a specialist on your team that has top-notch auditing skills you will have the knowledge needed to perform well. Your specialist will ensure you have all the necessary paperwork in order and that you are in compliance. Ask about auditing experience when screening candidates for this position.

4. Knowledge of Zoning Laws

Speaking of compliance, anyone acquiring sites on behalf of your business needs to be well versed in the local zoning laws. You don’t want to acquire a site that is zoned for residential use or restaurant use only. Making a zoning mistake could cost you a ton of money and tie you up while you try to offload the site again.

5. Ability to Conduct Site Surveys

In addition to knowing the zoning laws, site surveys are a must. You want to be sure the site is quality and what you need before you make a move. A specialist will be able to detail how to conduct a quality survey and other site identification procedures. Ask about their experience conducting surveys.

6. Contract Preparation

Site acquisition usually ends with a contract being signed or a lease being drawn up. It’s a good idea to hire a specialist who knows how to prepare such documentation. Inquire about any experience they may have writing up contracts or leases in the past. If they don’t have any experience, ask them to explain the process. This will let you know if they know how to perform the task or not.

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