10 Tips to Help You Navigate the Job Application Process

Navigating the job application process online can be tricky. Sometimes there are long assessments that need to be completed, or there is trouble pulling the information from your resume. Here are ten quick tips for job seekers as they fill out job applications online.

1. Read Over the Entire Application

Although it may seem obvious that you need to read the job application, it is a step many people often skip. Scanning over the description or application won’t serve you well. You need to read through it for details and be sure you didn’t miss anything crucial. Some employers will automatically eliminate any candidate they don’t feel read the entire description before applying.

2. Use a Professional Name and Email Address

It is also true that some employers will automatically disqualify a candidate if their name or email address seems unprofessional. Only use your first and last name on your applications. Never use a nickname. You should also refrain from using your junk email address for your applications. In fact, it isn’t a bad idea to set up your own professional email address during your job search.

3. Follow Instructions

Be sure you take note of all of the instructions on the job application and follow them closely. Again, not following instructions can cause you to be passed up during the application process. Taking the time to follow all the directions will show the employer that you are invested in your job search.

4. Customize Your Cover Letter

You should work to tailor your cover letter to the companies you are applying to. Have a cover letter draft ready and then re-read the job description to see what kind of employee they are looking for. Mirror that employee in your cover letter by highlighting relevant experience and information.

5. Include Keywords in Your Resume

 It is a good idea to include keywords in your resume as well. This will make it easier for employers to find you. If you are editing your resume for a specific job, look at the description and see what words they used to describe the traits and skills they are looking for. This will help you know what words to work into your resume.

6. Check for Grammar

Any time you are communicating with a potential employer, you should proofread what you are sending them. Re-read any emails you send out and documents you send them to be sure they are free of grammatical and spelling errors.

7. Have a Tracking System

When you are applying to multiple jobs, things can get confusing fast. You should have a system for tracking each application you submit. Do this by setting up a spreadsheet with the name of each company, the position you applied for, and any dates of communication.

8. Clean Up Your Social Media

Take a look at your social media profiles and think about what could use some cleaning up. Review the photos you are tagged in, old statuses, and posts. Get rid of anything that may seem offensive or unprofessional.

9. Always Upload Your Resume

If given the option during the application process, always upload your resume to the site. Oftentimes, the application will allow you to manually submit your information. However, it is good for the hiring manager to have your resume on file as well.

10. Review Before Submitting

Last, but not least, always review your resume, cover letter, and other hiring materials before sending them to the potential employer. Check spelling, grammar, and be sure you are sending all the correct attachments. There is nothing more embarrassing than double communication with the attachments you forgot on the first email.

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