What to Do if Your Employees Don’t Want to Go Back to the Office

Many employees are finding they have some anxiety around returning to work after the COVID-19 pandemic. They need the reassurance of their employers to know that they will be safe in the workplace. Some individuals will need a little more leeway for adjusting than others. Here are some things employers can do to meet the needs of any employees who don’t feel safe returning to the office.

Ease Your Staff Back Into the Office

Don’t require your entire staff to return to the office at the same time. Give them some flexibility in returning. Instead of having everyone return on the same day for a five-day full-time work week, offer a staggered work schedule that helps decrease the total number of people in the office at once. Giving them the ability to take small steps in returning to the office will help them feel more at ease.

Offer Flexibility Where You Can

Think about the jobs that have been performed remotely over the past year. Can these operations continue to be done from a remote work setting? Many employees have found that they enjoy the work-life balance working from home has afforded them. Offering ongoing remote work options will give them some flexibility that allows them to continue enjoying the work-life balance they’ve grown used to.

Place Focus on Mental Health

Another thing employers should be taking into consideration during the transition back to the office is their employee’s mental health. Provide counseling or cover mental health services for your staff. This will show them that you value them on a personal level, not just as your employees.

Create a Good System for Communication

Set your employees up for success by having clear channels for communication. Many companies communicate via email or Slack channels. Find out what form of communication works for your team and work to communicate on a regular basis. The better the communication, the more aware your employees are of where they stand with the company. Keep these methods of communication up even after you begin returning to the office.

Offer Pathways for Promotion

Many employees switched career paths or jobs during the pandemic because they realized they were in a dead-end position. So, as employers, it is important to highlight clear pathways your employees can be promoted within the organization. This will help motivate them on the job and also get them more excited to return to the workplace.

Acknowledge What You’ve Been Through

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world for many people. It is important to acknowledge what everyone has been through over the last year. Take the time to talk about any changes that are occurring and discuss any concerns your team may have about returning. Simply jumping back into the workplace won’t work unless you acknowledge all the things that have changed and your staff’s feelings about it.

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