War On Talent: How to Find Qualified Candidates in Today’s Economy 

Many employers have found that their biggest competition in the job market today has been the government and unemployment benefits. Additionally, many people sheltered in place, saved their money, and invested it in various different ways. This created a wealth effect on the job market. Employers are finding it necessary to make compromises and exceptions to find the talent they need to fill roles within their organizations. Here is how hiring managers can find qualified candidates in today’s economy. 

Cater to Candidates  

Job seekers are dictating the job market now. Employers are finding themselves needing to cater to candidates rather than ghosting them when they are asking for “too much.” Many larger companies are making changes to their physical workspaces, altering benefits packages, and listening to candidates’ wants and needs. The pandemic took a huge toll on workers, and they want to know their employer truly cares about their well-being.  

Think About the Environment You Have to Offer  

Larger companies, like Google and Amazon, have been making changes to their physical workplaces. The new space they are asking employees to return to places emphasis on health and safety, meaning social distancing and mask requirements. They have also put time and effort into making the space more colorful and inviting. When it comes to the space you are asking your employees to return to, you should put some thought into how to create an environment where they will feel safe and thrive.  

Consider Flexible Work Schedules  

Many workers have stated that they will not consider coming back to work without some kind of flexible scheduling option. More importantly, they don’t want to have to return to the office full-time. Employees want to be able to continue to work from home, at least part-time. Because of this, many employers are being pushed to review their scheduling policies and be more flexible. You might consider offering shortened work weeks, remote options, and other flex options. Be open to your employees’ suggestions as well. No flexible work option will work for everyone on your team. So, it is important to be open to various possibilities.  

Create a Desirable Company Culture  

Employers are finding it necessary to take a look at the company culture they have built as well. Workers are looking for companies that truly care about their employees beyond how productive they are in the workplace. You need to create a company culture that places focus on the individuals in your organization, their health, safety, and well-being.  

Offer Better Benefits  

Benefits and wages are another huge deciding factor for many candidates. Employers are looking for ways to expand their compensation packages. Some companies have started offering mental health days and additional paid time off. Others have put time and effort into building financial assistance programs that include counseling and even student loan repayment. You should also compare what your company is paying your workers compared to others in the industry. Make sure you are competitive in what you are offering. 

TekCom Resources is Here to Help

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