Ready for a Raise? Here’s How to Negotiate Job Terms with Your Employer

Approaching your employer about a raise can be a daunting task. You are likely overwhelmed with feelings about them turning down your request or potentially having some impact on your current position. However, there are some things you can do to make the conversation go smoothly. Below are some negotiation tactics that employees can use to make the case that they have earned a raise, job title change, bonus, or other job terms.   

Consider Other Offers  

First and foremost, you should look around and see what other companies are offering someone with your experience. In fact, you may even consider entertaining other offers. If another employer puts an offer on the table, then you have more negotiating power with your current company.   

Assess Your Career Goals    

Before you approach your employer about getting a raise or job title change, assess your goals. Is the position you hold in your current company important to you? Are you willing to move to another company to achieve your career goals, or would you prefer to work your way up in the current organization?   

Determine what you want out of your career and verbalize that with your employer. For instance, if you would like to work your way up in the company, state that you would like to take on more responsibilities. Then progress the discussion into how that would impact your compensation.  

Know Your Market Value   

Do some research and know what you are worth. Find out what people in the area are getting paid to do similar work in similar industries. When you are equipped with this information, you will have more grounds for your request. Even if your raise is turned down, consider inquiring further about a bonus. If you have just helped pull off a big project or driven growth, use these as talking points to help define your value for the company.   

Think About Your Relationships   

Workplace relationships are important. Think about the relationships you have already established and how you can leverage them to your advantage when negotiating. Try speaking with your managers about your career goals and discuss how you can progress further. Beyond that, think about how your work relationships may be impacted should you decide to go separate ways.     

Know When It Is Time To Go  

Sometimes it may be true that you have just outgrown an organization or position. If that is the case, know when it is time for you to go. Consider your goals, relationships, and market value when making this decision. If you don’t think the position you are in or the organization you work for can meet those needs, it may be time to move on. Lastly, if you have another offer, carefully consider all of your goals and needs before you make a move to take the new position.   

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