The Future of Remote Work for Your Employees in a Post-Pandemic World

Many employees are hesitant to go back to the office in a post-pandemic world. There is no doubt remote work is here to stay and many workers are seeking out work from home or flexible positions. Here is why employers should consider sticking with a remote or hybrid model for flexible staffing in the future.  

Employee Inclusion 

First, try and include your staff in the decision on whether or not they want to return to work. Some of your employees will be eager to get back into the office. Others will be more hesitant and may even enjoy remote work. Clearly communicating with them about what the options are can make them feel more included in the process. It will also improve their overall well-being and productivity.  

That being said, communication is key when it comes to maintaining remote work options for your team. Many employees have said that the future of remote work in their organizations is unclear because there has been a lack of communication. Beyond that, they feel the future of their position and even the company is up in the air. So, be sure you communicate these things clearly and as soon as possible so that your staff is confident.  

Reduced Anxiety  

Offering remote work can help reduce anxiety for some of your team members. Believe it or not, returning to work is actually increasing feelings of anxiety and can be overwhelming for some people. After a year or more away from the office, being forced to return can uproot what they’ve been able to establish as their new normal. Forcing them to come back in or worse, communicating poorly, can increase their level of anxiety and greatly hurt morale and work performance.  

Decrease Employee Burnout

Being open to flexible work options can help decrease the risk of your employees burning out on the job. When they feel they have more of a say in their work schedule they can create a better work-life balance for themselves. This will help decrease the risk of burnout for your team and keep them motivated on the job.  

Employees Want Flexibility  

More employees are willing to leave their current position for something more flexible if it becomes available. Because so many companies are transitioning into remote settings, there are more opportunities to work from home. If you don’t offer some kind of remote work or at least flexibility in scheduling, you are likely to lose some of your employees.  

Access to More Talent 

Overall, you will gain access to a wider range of talent when you are looking for new staff members. Offering remote work opportunities will expand your reach far outside your geographic region. You will gain access to people who may possibly be better suited for the job. Not only that but you will be able to assess people based on their skills and experience without geographic limitations.  

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