How to Explain Gaps in Your Resume to a Potential Future Employer  

Many people are re-entering the workforce now that the pandemic is starting to settle down. However, because so many people were laid off due to COVID-19, many candidates have gaps in their resumes and work history. The gaps in your resume don’t have to hold you back from a new job, though. Here are a few tips to help you explain these gaps in an interview with a potential employer.    

Be Honest   

First and foremost, be honest in your interview as to why there is a gap in your work history. Due to the pandemic, many people experienced layoffs and other employment gaps, so the best thing you can do is be upfront about why there is a gap in your resume. If you had to take time off to be home with your children, say that. Being honest will display your level of integrity and show your potential employer that they can trust you.  

Have an Answer Prepared   

You don’t want to stutter your way through explaining the gap in your work history. Be sure you are prepared to answer the question when it comes up, which it will. Prepare to answer this question as you would for any other during an interview. Have an answer ready to go and rehearse it if you think it may make you nervous to discuss. Even if you just needed to take time off to recharge, say that. Employers understand that burnout happens, and everyone needs a break from time to time.   

Maintain Confidence   

Although you have a gap in your work history, maintain your confidence. Even though the thought of discussing why the gap exists may make you uncomfortable, remember employment gaps are not uncommon. Especially during the post-COVID candidate search, more employers are seeing gaps in employment. If they can’t understand or empathize with why you took time away from work, it likely isn’t a place you want to work anyway.   

Discuss Ways You Stayed Active   

While taking a break is completely fine, you should also come prepared to discuss what you did during your time off. In some cases, you may have had to focus on family matters. For instance, during the pandemic, many parents had to take time away from work to help with their children’s schooling at home. Know how to answer questions about how your time off was spent. Additionally, if you took any time during the gap in your resume to expand your education, talk about that too. Online classes and side projects that you worked on can help you remain relevant in the industry.    

Focus on Your Transferable Skills   

Although it may have been a while since you interviewed for a job or held a position, take time to identify what skills you bring to the table. Certain transferable skills are valuable to every employer. Focus on discussing your communication, project management, and problem-solving abilities and how they can help you grow in your new position.   

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