6 Benefits of Taking a Contractor Position

The economy increasingly elevates flexible work: whether it’s remote work, a focus on freelancing, or increasingly, the use of contractor positions.

While a contractor role isn’t always right for candidates, these positions offer benefits that could help you achieve your career goals.

Why consider a contractor position for your next job? Here are six of the benefits of opting for contracts.

Why Become a Contractor?

Contractor roles are different from permanent employees in more ways than one. Being a contractor means you have a clearly defined job scope: you perform tasks identified in your contract for a set period of time.

Because the job scope differs, you also get benefits, such as:

  1. Get hired sooner. It takes less time to get hired into a contractor position than a permanent job. There’s less commitment involved on both sides, which allows both employers and candidates to make decisions faster.
  2. Enjoy better pay. Contractors work on projects as needed, so employers can budget for higher rates of pay compared to permanent, full-time work.
  3. Try new companies. Look for the right fit and remain free to move on without it affecting your job history and resume.
  4. Experience new places. Contract jobs are available across the country, allowing you to try out new cities and states.
  5. Dive into a new field. A contract job is a great fit for someone getting a foothold in a new field, career, or vertical.
  6. Become a specialist. Permanent employees are expected to help out across the company as well as serve as generalists in their field. Contractor positions often allow you to focus on a specific set of skills, which allows you to grow as an expert in your niche.

Try Out Contracting

Becoming a contractor gives you the freedom to choose a new role, field, company, or city without the strings that come with a permanent job. If you’re looking to specialize or find upward mobility, then a contractor role might be the perfect choice for you.

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