4 Tips to Keep Your Social Media Profiles Work Appropriate

Social media is a minefield, but it’s also a golden opportunity. In today’s world, you can get hired for your dream job without even submitting an application.

At the same time, hiring managers and recruiters scan profiles with an eagle eye. One study published in the International Journal of Selection and Assessment found that recruiters are less likely to select candidates who are “too self-involved or opinionated” online, even if they’re a fit for the role.

What does a work-appropriate profile look like? Use these four tips to help your profiles work for you.

1. Curb Your Activity

Spending hours scrolling your phone is a sign of the times. However, constant posting or even having too many games linked to your account can signal problems, particularly if you are currently employed.

If you post more than a few times a day, stop and think: do I need to share this right now? If not, bookmark it for a later date.

2. Share Opinions Respectfully

No one says you can’t share opinions on social media. However, as the study we mentioned above shows, the way you share them can alienate recruiters.

Sharing opinions respectfully (e.g., without inflammatory language) demonstrates that you can share your thoughts with others in a constructive way.

So if you do want to share opinions on hot button issues, consider doing so in a way that isn’t negative. In other words, state your case, but don’t do so at the expense of others.

3. Use a Profile Picture You’d Attach to an Application

A profile picture is a first impression worth a thousand words, so make it a good one!

If you’re actively job hunting, set your pictures to a photo you wouldn’t mind attaching to a job application. It doesn’t need to be a professional headshot. A photo of you engaging in a hobby you love or activity important to you can be just as powerful.

4. Showcase Your Interests

An unused social media profile may seem like a safe bet, but you don’t need to leave social media altogether when job hunting.

You can use your profiles to show off who you are. What books are you reading? What did you get up to on the weekend? What accomplishments are you proud of? Share them because those are the things that make you who you are.

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You don’t have to scrub your social media to land a new job. However, recruiters do look kindly on profiles that say you are a respectful, considerate person with a good work ethic and a personable demeanor. Often, that means deleting old pictures or posting more mindfully.

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