How to Leverage LinkedIn to Find Top Talent

LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for your talent pipeline. And if you’re not using it, you could be missing out on the chance to snag top talent at a rate that’s faster than the traditional recruitment process. Even better, you can use LinkedIn to promote job listings for free.

How do you make the most of the free features LinkedIn has to offer? Use these tips to boost your profile and get started.

Fill Out and Use Your Company Profile

A well-rounded company profile on LinkedIn will serve you well. It not only provides basic information about what you do, but it gives you (and your employees) a platform to share information. 

You want to do more than complete a profile. You should actively use it.

Regular posts geared towards current work, sales tactics, and hiring can help build a diverse audience that makes your business more attractive to talent and customers alike. It’s also a chance to position your company as an industry leader, particularly if your competition isn’t active on the platform.

As a bonus, a LinkedIn profile can add to your overall visibility online, which can help boost your SEO ranking.

Tip: Encourage employees on LinkedIn to list you as their employer for greater visibility.

Share Jobs Across the LinkedIn Platform

With a company profile ready to go, you can then use it to post job openings. 

If you prefer to follow the free approach and manage applications through your existing system, you can post job updates free via your status update. It’s also smart to ask employees to share these updates on their own feeds and even in their own profile headlines.

For example, an employee can add “Come join me – We’re hiring installers!” to their headline, which will make the information visible to everyone in their network.

Another easy way to share job openings is through LinkedIn groups. Posting in industry-related groups broadens your reach. Your ideal candidate may not be in the group, but a group member may refer them anyway!

Build a Better Talent Pipeline with LinkedIn

LinkedIn can work wonders for your active and passive talent pools. Even better, using LinkedIn effectively also builds your company’s profile and makes you more attractive to clients and partners.

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