The Best Way to Use Your LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn when placing new candidates? The job market is healthy, and hiring managers and recruitment pros see LinkedIn as a way of accessing skilled talent who might not see their job ads.

Your LinkedIn profile is a passive job-hunting strategy that could land you the job you dream of. Although it’s passive, you still need to put some effort into making it work for you.

Are you on the hunt for a new job or in a current job and hoping the next big thing finds you? You can use LinkedIn in many ways, but here are a few tips to get you started.

Have a Full Profile

The most important thing you can do is offer a complete, vibrant profile for people to read and engage with. Be comprehensive, make it personal, and keep it forward-looking. Remember that LinkedIn is another form of social media: when you give your connections (or viewers) more to work with, you’re likely to find greater active and passive engagement.

Tip: Scan your profile for typos, or write up sections in a word processor to avail of the spell check function. Recruiters like to see attention to detail, so give yourself a leg up and use proofreading tools to your advantage.

Like, Comment, and Share

It’s one thing to have a LinkedIn profile: it’s another thing for recruiters to see it. While you will come up in search functions, a great way to expand your reach is to use the timeline and like, comment, and share.

These one-second actions demonstrate you’re an active member of the LinkedIn community and that you have an interest in your industry and market as a whole. You never know who will see your comment, and your peers will thank you for boosting their own visibility.

Get Involved with LinkedIn Professional Groups

Are you in an industry with an active LinkedIn presence? Become a member of those groups. You’ll have a chance to be part of the discussion of your industry’s present and future state and maybe even get some leads on new jobs along the way.

Use LinkedIn to Celebrate Successes

Whether the success is yours, your company’s, a colleague’s, or even a connection’s, share the win. Like and comment on other’s posts, and even write a post about your win. It provides fodder for recruiters and inspires connections!

Get Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an incredible tool that you can use to increase your profile and grow your career. However, you get the most from it when you put in some effort to connect with others.

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