How to Write Job Descriptions that Attract Top Talent

Writing a job description is as much an art as it is a science. The good news is that using the internet that generates data produce unique insights, which help you write the descriptions that attract the best candidates.

Statistics from LinkedIn tell you that:

  • Shorter posts (1-300 words) generate 8.4% more applications
  • Most candidates (61%) say they look for pay transparency
  • Few candidates (28%) want to read about culture at the application stage

So how do you meet candidate expectations in a way that makes them excited to apply? Here are our best tips.

Reflect the Current Climate

You only have a few hundred words to make your point, but you should always dedicate a line or two to reflect current events.

In the current moment, candidates want to know what steps you intend to take to keep workers safe. For most office-based workers, the question boils down to remote work. Will the position advertised offer remote or flexible options? How long will remote work remain available? Or is working in the office every day mandatory?

Make these clear in your job posts, as candidates who have strong preferences will want to know before they apply.

Include Core Day-to-Day Details (with Employee Influence)

Candidates aren’t so worried about culture at the application stage. Instead, they want to know whether the day-to-day tasks reflect their experience, allow them room for growth, and match the pay range.

Avoid adding a list of vague tasks or responsibilities. Ask the current employee what their day-to-day is, and include those details instead. 

Tip: Skip unnecessary tasks/items that may fall by the wayside or that you can train the new worker on. Stay focused on their main role.

Stand Out with Growth and Development

Unless seeking contract work, job seekers aren’t looking for a role they will leave in 12 months. Even in contract positions, most want to go into space where they can stay and grow when possible. Your job description should reflect this ambition. After all, you want to attract candidates who want to grow and do better.

Share opportunities for growth and new responsibilities in a few lines at the end of your description.

Write Job Descriptions Candidates Want to Read

The goal of any job advertisement is to attract top talent. To do that, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal candidate. What concerns them most right now? What will your ideal candidate want from the job?

If you can answer those questions in a few hundred words, then you will see an increase in the quality of your applications almost overnight.

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