4 Resume Tips to Stand out to Employers

A hiring manager spends an average of six seconds looking at each resume. If you don’t catch their eye, you can find yourself cut from the pack every time

You don’t need a professional design or even a brand new resume for each application to get hired. Instead, use these tricks to reach out and grab the reader and shout about your accomplishments.

1. Use Keywords

Almost all job advertisements now include keywords in the post. These keywords make their ads more visible because they make them searchable. They also tell you more about what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate.

Look for these keywords and integrate them into your resume. You might sprinkle them throughout or even include them in your summary. Either way, these keywords make it clear that (1) you read the job ad carefully and (2) you have the right experience, so the reader should give you a second look.

2. Write a Summary

If you could boil your resume down to a few sentences, what would you say? A summary creates a focal point for the reader, so they don’t need to scan the rest of the document. It’s an excellent place to sprinkle in keywords, highlight accomplishments, and mention any certifications or experience that put you ahead of the typical candidate.

3. Update Your Skills to Match the Post

Rather than leaving the hiring manager to hunt down skills in your experience, create a list of skills in the body to highlight your capabilities. Make sure these skills match both your experience and the requirements of the recruiter.

For example, if the post requests someone with MS Office Suite, AutoCAD, or MicroStation, put those skills here. Don’t forget to add in any additional skills that will be relevant to the project but aren’t necessarily listed, such as knowledge of local jurisdictions or construction industry experience.

4. Easy to Read Resumes Win More Jobs

Hiring managers don’t have time to read every single resume. They need resumes to be scannable, and creating an easy-to-read overview is your ticket to standing out from the crowd. Writing a summary, using keywords, and updating your skills section makes it clear that you read the job post and that you have the experience the employer needs.

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