How to Sift through Resumes to Find the Best Candidates

Time-to-hire is a vital HR metric. Shortening the distance between the advertisement date and the new hire’s first day does more than cut out inefficiencies: it creates a better hiring experience for the candidates. Positive hiring experiences create engagement, which leads to dedicated employees.

Sifting through resumes is the lengthiest part of the process. Worse, using the wrong strategy can even mean hiring mediocre candidates.

So how do you pull the best candidates from the pack? Use these tips to go from application to onboarding in less time.

Return to the Advertisement

Every job advertisement’s goal should be to produce a manageable pool of qualified, if not highly qualified, candidates. If you’re getting dozens or even hundreds of applications per advertisement, and the vast majority of those candidates aren’t suitable, then there’s something wrong with your ad.

Some of the common issues with job postings include:

  • Missing basic information (including functions, responsibilities, or qualifications)
  • Using an inaccurate or confusing job title
  • Putting the ad in the wrong place
  • Making the ad difficult to read
  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Failing to post salary or pay details

So, go back to your ad and ask: if I was the ideal candidate, would I apply for this job? 

Do an Initial Pass Using Certifications

Once you have a descriptive and accurate job ad, you should start seeing a more manageable flow of applications. To narrow these down, consider filtering candidates by the certifications required to fill the post.

There’s a simple trick to quickly make it through a pile: the ‘control’ + ‘F’ function. The find function will pull out the certification, so you don’t miss it in a block of text. If you don’t find the required certification, you can feel confident in passing on that applicant.

Do a Second Pass to Find Keywords

Once you have a pile of resumes that promise the relevant certifications, go back and use the same technique with your job post keywords. If you’re looking for a wireless construction manager, use this keyword and the ‘control’ + ‘F’ function. You can also use keywords from the job functions and responsibilities and search for them within resumes. For example, you might use “AutoCAD,” “Risa-3d,” or “field investigations,” depending on your requirements.

By the end of this round, you should have a narrow group of applicants who have both the certifications and the experience, which means you can spend more time reading their applications and verifying information.

Find the Right Candidates in Less Time

Spending hours sifting through resumes takes up your time and slows down the hiring process, which hurts everyone. By writing accurate job posts and using shortcuts to find keywords, you’ll move through the pile and get to the best candidates in no time.

We Can Help You Find Top Talent

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