How to be a Better Leader on the Job

Across all industries, there are a few qualities that all employers look for when they’re considering hiring a job candidate or promoting an existing employee. An ability to think outside the box, for example, is a skill that most employers tend to value. So is the ability to remain cool, calm, and collected under pressure.  

But perhaps the most important quality that employers look for is leadership. Employers, after all, don’t want to have to handle every single thing within their company. Ideally, they prefer to promote uniquely competent employees to leadership positions, so that they don’t have to constantly worry about their company’s teams or projects being mismanaged. 

The bottom line is that becoming a better leader is a goal that every employee should aspire to. In addition to making it more likely that you’ll get noticed by your managers at work, building your leadership skills will also give you the confidence to pursue your long-term career goals. 

Three Simple Ways to Boost Your Leadership Skills at Work 

The tricky part, however, is knowing where to start. You already have plenty of responsibilities on your plate as it is – do you really have the time to start practicing leadership skills at work? 

The short answer is: Yes – but it’s important to have a strategy. Luckily, there are a variety of simple and proven ways to start becoming a more competent leader at work. Here are a few to help get you started! 

Practice careful listening and communication.

Listening is widely regarded to be among the most important skills that any leader can possess. When you’re able to listen carefully to your colleagues, you’ll have a much easier time understanding the problems that they’re facing – as well as offering practical solutions. So the next time that you’re having a conversation with a colleague at work, make sure you’re actually, truly listening, not merely waiting for your turn to speak. 

Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of your colleagues.

It can be all too easy in the workplace to let the spirit of competition dominate the spirit of camaraderie. And while there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, it can quickly start to erode a workplace culture if it goes too far. One thing that most effective leaders have in common is that they’re able to put their pride aside and congratulate a colleague that has made a noteworthy contribution to the team. 

Be solutions-oriented.

We’ve all had colleagues, at one point or another, who become discouraged, downtrodden, or even positively morose in the face of adversity at work. True leaders, on the other hand, thrive in the face of the unexpected and the unknown. Rather than allowing yourself to lose motivation when a new challenge arises, focus on being the person at work that offers creative solutions and blazes a new path forward. 

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