How to Find Top Talent Among Many Applicants

Have you ever found yourself struggling to find the perfect job candidate for a role simply because the candidate pool in your area seemed to be too large? If so, you’re not alone. Across industries, employers tend to encounter this hiring roadblock at one point or another. This is especially true now that the COVID-19 crisis has left so many millions of talented professionals across the United States unemployed and looking for work. 

Luckily, there are a variety of tips and tools out there that can help employers to quickly sift through a large candidate pool and identify the perfect person for a role. This article will provide you with everything that you need to know to get started! 

Three Tips for Finding Top Talent in a Large Candidate Pool 

If you’re faced with a large candidate pool (as many telecommunications employers currently are), you’ll need to get a bit creative in order to find that one, perfect candidate amongst the crowd.  

Here are a few simple and effective ways to do just that: 

Start an employee referral program.

Oftentimes, your employees will be able to connect you with colleagues of theirs who have industry experience and who are looking for work. In order to encourage your employees to refer you to potential job candidates, you might consider implementing an incentivized employee referral program. Many companies, for example, have programs that offer bonuses or other prizes for employee referrals that result in a hire. 

Develop a social media recruitment strategy.

With each passing year, social media is increasingly becoming the primary job search tool for younger professionals. One recent report, for example, found that more than three-quarters (79%) of today’s job candidates “are likely to use social media in their job search.” That means that if you’re not currently utilizing social media to identify and engage with job candidates, you could be overlooking a huge number of talented potential applicants. Check out this article to learn more about how to develop a social media recruitment strategy for your company! 

Partner with a professional staffing agency. 

Even the most well-equipped HR teams sometimes do not have the time or the resources to sift through a huge candidate pool in order to find that one perfectly-suited individual. This can often lead to a hasty and unfortunate mis-hire or a long, drawn-out, and expensive process of fruitless searching. Professional staffing agencies, on the other hand, specialize in committing the time, energy, and attention to detail that’s required to find the needle in the haystack – i.e., that one employee that stands out in the middle of a huge candidate pool. 

Start Finding Top Talent Today! 

Are you ready to streamline and simplify the search for your next star employee? If so, contact TekCom Resources today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with a staffing agency! 


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