Here’s How 5G Will Create New Jobs

The launch of 5G is a technological revolution that will reshape life at home and at work in myriad ways. For example, the quickening trend towards remote work – which was already well underway prior to the pandemic – will almost certainly be accelerated by the introduction of 5G-powered technology.  

The launch of 5G will also have profound effects on the modern workforce. On the one hand, it promises to increase the spread of automation, which will create an influx of unemployed professionals in certain industries. On the other hand, the introduction of 5G technology will also create new, highly-specialized occupations across a variety of sectors. 

How Will the Launch of 5G Create New Jobs? 

After the launch of 5G, a wide variety of new jobs will be created to support and expand the new technological infrastructure. 

The rise of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) will provide some especially fertile ground for labor force transformations. As automation and “smart technology” become increasingly ubiquitous, new groups of professionals will be required at every level to install, support, and maintain the new systems. According to one recent report from Accenture, the launch of 5G can be expected to add as many as $500 billion to the US GDP, and as many as 3 million new jobs. 

How Partnering with a Staffing Agency Can Help 

The bottom line is that a seismic shift in the workforce is approaching, and it’s approaching fast. In order to be able to navigate the changes successfully, it’s essential for business owners to develop an up-to-date and adaptable staffing strategy.   

Now, the bad news is that nobody can say with certainty at this point exactly how individual businesses are going to be affected by the launch of 5G. However, the good news is that you don’t need to ride out these changes on your own. When you partner with a staffing agency, you’ll gain access to a network of experienced professionals who will help to ensure that all of your staffing needs are being met both during and after the transition to 5G. 

Speak with a Staffing Expert Today 

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