5 Reasons to Consider Flexible Scheduling During COVID

2020 has been a year of unprecedented change. Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the United States have been forced to either temporarily shut down or to make a hasty transition to a completely remote workforce. And while the latter option certainly is preferable to the former, it also introduces some notable challenges of its own. 

Employers, for example, have had to quickly adapt to the various logistical and communications-related challenges of managing a remote team. Employees, in addition to encountering those same technical barriers, have, in many cases, had to drastically restructure their personal and professional lives in order to be able to cope with the new day-to-day realities of working from home.  

The bottom line is that this crisis has forced millions of employees to become more patient and adaptable. As employers, we have an opportunity now to support our employees – and our businesses – by introducing more flexible work options into our employee benefits packages. 

5 Reasons to Consider Offering Flexible Scheduling Options During COVID-19 

Providing our employees with the freedom to work remotely has transformed from a mere privilege into a necessity in 2020. But your business’ flexible work options do not need to end there. Flexible scheduling options, in addition to flexible location options, are a simple and effective way to increase levels of employee satisfaction and to help your business continue to run smoothly for the duration of the pandemic. 

Here are five specific reasons why employers should consider offering flexible scheduling options to their employees in 2020: 

Provide extra support for your employees who have kids at home.

With schools closing due to the pandemic, many working parents are now having to spend time each day helping their kids navigate the challenges of online learning. Providing these employees with more control over their workweek scheduling can help to ensure that their family lives remain under control. 

Attract talented job candidates.

Many job candidates today consider flexible scheduling options to be a top priority in the job search. In other words, offering your employees the freedom to flexibly arrange their schedules is a reliable way to attract top talent to your business. 

Increase employee retention.

Maintaining a healthy and sustainable work/life balance has also (understandably) become a top priority for most professionals today. Offering flexible scheduling options is a great incentive to keep your current employees onboard and loyal to your company during the ongoing crisis. 

Increase employee productivity.

Several studies over the years – such as this one from early 2020 – have unequivocally shown that remote scheduling actually facilitates employee productivity, rather than hindering it.

Minimize the chances of viral transmission.

Many employers across the country are now beginning to reintroduce employees to the workplace. This presents certain obvious health risks, particularly when those employees are asked to return all at once. Introducing a policy of staggered shifts and flexible scheduling options, on the other hand, can go a long way towards minimizing person-to-person contact and keeping everyone on your team safe and healthy. 

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