7 Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Launch of 5G

The upcoming launch of 5G – the fifth and most powerful cellular network technology to date – will transform the workplace in a variety of ways. Automation and AI, for example, will play a much more central role in the office of the future, as will “smart” office technologies, such as smart conference rooms and even smart furniture. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s just over the horizon. In fact, the unrolling of 5G technology is already well underway in many parts of the world. 

If the word “automation” in the paragraph above gave you pause, you’re certainly not alone. Today, many job candidates are looking ahead towards the future of work and asking themselves: Will there still be a place for me in a 5G world?  

The short answer is: Yes – but in order to be able to adapt to the world of 5G, it will be important to adequately educate and train yourself beforehand. That way, when the future of work does arrive, you’ll be prepared to expertly navigate its various challenges – and to take full advantage of the opportunities that it presents. 

How to Prepare Yourself for the Launch of 5G 

With those ideas in mind, here are seven ways that job candidates can start to prepare themselves right now for the launch of 5G: 

Understand how your industry will be affected.

Not all business sectors will be equally impacted by the introduction of 5G. Here are the ten industries that are likely to be the most affected. You can also check out this article to learn more about how the telecommunications industry will be particularly impacted. 

Familiarize yourself with new technologies.

A variety of new platforms, apps, and technologies will displace 4G technologies that are currently in widespread use. Some examples of emergency 5G technologies that will be important for telecommunications professionals to understand include: 

    • C-RAN 
    • HetNet 
    • Mobile Edge Computing 
    • Network Slicing 

Complete an online 5G training course.

There are tons of online programs – such as this one – that can introduce you to the basics of 5G technology.

Be prepared for a massive shift towards remote work.

The connectivity power afforded by 5G will enable millions of employers to transition in the direction of an increasingly distributed workforce model. Check out this article to learn more about the future of remote work! 

Brush up on the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

A 5G-powered remote workforce will inevitably rely on a huge number of connections between several distributed devices, which means that the potential for network security breaches will be significantly increased. Telecom professionals with an in-depth understanding of basic cybersecurity practices, therefore, are likely to be in very high demand.

Get comfortable using the Internet of Things (IoT).

The rise of the IoT will be nothing less than a technological revolution that will affect every industry and employer. In light of that, it will be essential for employees to acquaint themselves with the basics of navigating the IoT. This online course provides a great place to start! 

Talk to your employer.

Every employer will have their own unique strategy for navigating the upcoming launch of 5G. To ensure that you and your team are optimally prepared to meet the challenges of the future, be sure to speak with your employer about all of the training programs, technologies, and new workplace policies that will be introduced in the coming weeks and months. 

Learn More About the Launch of 5G 

At TekCom Resources, we specialize in working closely with telecommunications professionals to make sure they’re prepared to succeed in the future of work. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services and to start connecting with employers who are prepared for the launch of 5G! 



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