Spruce Up Your Resume This Spring with These Tips

How often do you update your resume? If you haven’t seen it in a while, the best time to spruce it up is now. Regular updates to your resume keep your resume current with the job market and expectations. It also re-familiarizes you with your experience, so interview prep is much less work. So before… Read More »

No Experience? No Problem! Try These Resume Tips

Traditionally, your resume is a short overview of your professional background. It’s an easy way to describe your experience, and they’re easy for recruiters to read. But a resume can feel like it betrays you when you’re either new to the job market or making a career change to a new industry. Learning how to… Read More »

4 Resume Tips to Stand out to Employers

A hiring manager spends an average of six seconds looking at each resume. If you don’t catch their eye, you can find yourself cut from the pack every time You don’t need a professional design or even a brand new resume for each application to get hired. Instead, use these tricks to reach out and… Read More »